Heavy duty, elegance, flexibility

Heavy duty

Manufactured from rubber gum, Dalsouple® floor coverings exhibit rare qualities: their elasticity and ruggedness absorb impacts and offer excellent resistance over time.
Certain installations are still in perfect condition after thirty years.


Both pleasing to the eye and touch, Dalsouple® products are the definition of contemporary elegance. They offer infinite possibilities in terms of colours and surface textures to create unique spaces.
Tile joints are practically invisible and thus offer decorators perfect continuity. Interior designers choose Dalsouple® for hotels, restaurants, museums, boutiques, lofts, homes, etc.
The colours remain remarkably stable over time.


The elasticity of Dalsouple® products provides exceptional walking comfort and, in terms of acoustics, offers noise attenuation measurable in decibels. Dalsouple® floor covers are thus an ideal answer to nearly all constraints in all high-traffic areas: offices, workshops, airport halls, sports halls.


Our products are available in our 80 standard colours, or made to match your specific colours.

We can also produce custom colours to meet your specific requirements.

Click here to see the 80 standard colours

Ecological and healthy

- No solvents are used in the manufacturing processes and very little water is consumed. Your floor lasts a long time. It doesn't need to be replaced. You actively participate in saving energy and raw materials.

- Preserving nature and protecting your health.

- At the end of their service life, Dalsouple® products can be recycled along with old tyres. They are 100 % recyclable.

- Dalsouple® products do not release toxic or dangerous products, such as: asbestos, furanes, CFC, dioxin, heavy metals, arsenic, cyanide, or halogen products.

- They are PVC-free. They release an minuscule quantity of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

- Dalsouple® products contain totally safe, natural additives.

The Ecodurable range

Also available in a natural rubber Ecodurable version, made from rubber extracted from the Havea brasiliensis rubber tree.

The reconstitution of these forests promotes the absorption of carbon dioxide and participates in the development of a type of fair trade with latex planters and collectors.

Diversity of uses /
specific qualities

Dalsouple® products can be custom made with a minimum order quantity according to the chosen floor. Certain products have been developed to meet specific needs, such as resistance to oils and hydrocarbons (for oil platforms and laboratories), weather and UV resistant applications (outdoor installations), electrostatic dissipation (for electronics or computer rooms), highly-conductive (explosives stores, explosive stocks, operating rooms), fire resistance (merchant marine and military applications), etc.

- Hotels, restaurants, museums, shops, lofts, houses, etc…

- Places for children, sick, or frail : nurseries, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, etc.

The Dalsouple floor can be installed on ships (IMO version).

Dalsouple® products fit your needs. They can be custom made, without minimum order. Some formulas are specially designed for:

- Ultra-high resistance to oil and greases (reference: Butacryl)

- UV resistance (reference: Adverse weather)

- Dissipative properties

- Exceptional electrical conductor (available in black only)

- Exceptional flame resistance (reference: EFR, MFR, WFR)

The 10 great qualities of Dalsouple®

1. Longevity

Certain installations are still in perfect condition after thirty years.

2. Aesthetic, warm and soft

3. Durability. Scratch-proof, and tear-proof

4. Excellent fire behaviour

5. Waterproof and rot-proof

6. Excellent resistance to common chemical products(cleaning agents, oils and greases)

7. Acoustic

Noise reducing, absorbs impact noise.

8. Anti-slip

9. Anti-static

10. Dimensional stability

The Dalsouple® 10-year warranty

Dalsouple® offers its 10-year guarantee on its Uni, Marbré, Terrazzo, Micro-Reliefs, Reliefs, Nosing, Baseboards, and Integral Step ranges, and a 2-year guarantee on Dallastic products and the Roll form collection.